Just follow these easy steps to place an order. In case you have any questions feel free to call us to the following phone numbers in Lima +511-2258349 or +511-4751117 we will be glad to assist you or send us an e-mail to , use our new live chat function for help.


We suggest, before ordering, to eliminate all temporary files and cookies from your internet explorer or navigator.

1.-Go to a category and choose a product. Click on the "Buy" button or on the image.

1.- Click on the green button, "Buy".


2- You will see the details of the product in our new platform. In case you get an error page check the note below.

1.- "Add to cart" button.

Note: In case you get an error 404 Not Found that reads: "Whoopps our bad...". Just go to the top right of our web site and change the scroll bar from Español to Ingles. This will solve the error. Or click on the Floreria San Borja Icon at the top left corner of the web site and you will go to our new home page.

3- You can then add aditional products like chocolates, teddy bears, etc to your order by selecting one of the scroll bars below the product. Then click on the "add to cart" icon.

1.- If you wish to add more products to your order as flower arrangements, chocolate bombons, balloons, cakes or teddy bears. Select them from the scroll bars.

2.- Click on the red "Add to cart" icon to continue.


4- Shopping Cart. You will have a preliminary view of your shopping cart, you can select "continue shopping" to add more products. Click on "Proceed to Checkout" to continue.

1.- Here you can see all the product added to cart. You can also change the number of items, modify the quanity column and then click on the black icon "update shopping cart".

2.- Here you also have the option to delete unwanted products from your cart. To do so click on que small trash icon next to the image of the product.

3.- If you wish to add more products to your order, like chocolates, cakes, teddy bears or others, you can click on the icon "continue shopping".


5.- Click on "Proceed to Checkout" to continue.


5- Now you can choose if you wish to register or check out as a Guest and click on continue. If you have already registered just enter your e-mail and password and click on "login".

1.- If you register you will not be required to enter your billing information next time you order by entering your account.

2.- If you Check out as a Guest you will have to enter your billing information for your next order.

Note:If you have an account and forgot password. Click on the "forgot your password?" link.

6- You will have to enter all your billing information. Enter all Required fields. Then click on "continue".

1.- If you don't know what to put on a required field just leave it blank.

2.- When you finish click on "continue".


7- Shipping information: Now enter all information of the person that will receive the gifts, please cont forget to enter the delivery date.

1.- In "comments" section enter any useful instructions that could help us complete the delivery.

2. In "Enclosure card" field enter the message of the card that will go with the gifts. Please try to keep it short, 30 words.


8.- Select the delivery zone. There is a delivery fee that depends on the delivery zone.

1.- If your order goes to lima find the delivery district and select the zone.

2.- If your order goes to other peruvian city, please select it.


9- Select the payment Method.

1.- For payment credit card you will be sent to our payment platform 2CO which accepts credit and debit cards and also Paypal.

2.- You can also select payment by Western union or moneygram. You will receive and e-mail with the details for the money transfer by western union or money gram.

10- Review the products of your order and then click "Place order" to continue.



11- If you selected payment with credit card you will enter 2CO payment platform.

1.- Here you can select the currency of your preference and also the language.

2.- Check the total and click on "continue Checkout" option.

11- Check your billing information.

1.-Check the entered information and complete any missing fields.

2.- Click on "Continue Checkout" button.

11- Finally,select if you wish to pay with credit card or paypal. For some countries other payment methods may be available.

1.- Enter your credit card number, CVV code and expiration date

2.- The CVV code is also known as security code, its the last 3 digits of the number at the back of your credit card in the place were you place your signature. For American Express cards is the 4 digits at the front of the card

3.- Click on "next" button.


In case you have any questions feel free to call us to the following phone numbers 511-2258349 o 511-4751117 and ask for Guillermo or send us an e-mail to or use our new live chat function for help.